Resources that Helped with My Dyslexia

If you’ve read my previous posts, you know that my dyslexia means it takes me longer to accomplish what many people view as simple tasks, such as reading, comprehension, and saying someone’s name. However, over the years I have also learned how to be resilient in the face of adversity and discover and use resourcesContinue reading “Resources that Helped with My Dyslexia”

7 Things I Wished You Knew About My Dyslexia

In my last post, I started to share My Journey to Becoming More Authentically Me where I let the world know I had dyslexia and that I had been putting so much energy into hiding who I cognitively am (and also who I am emotionally and physically). I am on the long and challenging journeyContinue reading “7 Things I Wished You Knew About My Dyslexia”

My Journey to Becoming More Authentically Me

Nearly a year ago, I watched a mini-documentary on Joe Biden’s stutter during the Democratic National Convention. My first thought was, “I had no idea he had a stutter!”  My next thought was how inspirational this was going to be for people all over the world who are fighting their own battles of adversity. HereContinue reading “My Journey to Becoming More Authentically Me”

Homemade Sugar + Coconut Body Scrub

On a rainy, gray Sunday afternoon in Seattle, I found myself cleaning out my pantry. As I neared the back of my baking section, I found expired shredded coconut. Another wasted purchase I thought as I was about to toss the flakes into the compost. Right as the first flake fell and as I sawContinue reading “Homemade Sugar + Coconut Body Scrub”