Rachel Zaccaro

Striving to make a difference by ensuring that learning is available to everyone, everywhere

For me, the greatest learning experiences have come when I left my comfort zone. Whether that has been traveling solo around the world or leaving my small town in rural Iowa to move to Seattle – sight unseen, to start a new career – learning is at the core of what I do personally and professionally.

The importance of education is woven into my DNA. I come from a family of educators and their passion for life-long learning has influenced both my 20 year career and my personal philosophy. I strive to always be learning and challenging myself, and most importantly, sharing my experiences with others through authentic connection.

I bring all of myself and my experience to my work—a creative background, entrepreneurial mindset, with sales and marketing expertise.

Accompanied by the enthusiasm and drive that has taken me up mountain peaks and around the world with a passion to learn as much as I can about communities and cultures through travel.

I am passionate about helping others, giving back to the community and living my best life guided by my favorite quote…

Snaefellsnes Peninsula, Iceland 2018

Connect with me:

Email: RachelZacccaro@me.com